Alan Kavanagh

B.Sc(Hons) in Computer Science

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Alan Kavanagh

( B.Sc Computer Science )

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Work I am interested in

Software Development

Java, C#, C++,
Over the past 4 years studying my Computer Science degree I have attained a great knowledge of the above programming languages. I would love nothing more than to spend my days working at coding software for companies using these languages. I have ordered the progamming langauges based on my strongest to weakest - however building my knowledge of my weakest programming languages is something I aspire to do. I consider myself to be a strong programmer and a quick study when it comes to software development - I tend to pick it up when it is explained to me first time.

Web Design

HTML, CSS,, JavaScript, JQuery
Throughout my degree I have also studied how to design and code websites. I have spent 4 years studying HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery and know how to use these to the best of their ability in which I done to create a wide variety of personal websites. I would be interested in working as a web designer to develop sites for companies and to build their site however they wish. I have built many cross-platform web applications which were also compatable on android phones. With the introduction of Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 websites can be simply made compatable with tablets and mobile phones.

My Projects

Cocalan Checkers

Languages:, C#, JQuery, JavaScript
Markup Languages: XML
Style: CSS
Program: Microsoft Visual Studio

We created this multiplayer web application as part of our 3rd year project. The web application was coded using and C# and we used CSS to style the page. JavaScript was used to handle gameplay and JQuery was used to handle the ingame chat system. We used SignalR (A server side software system) to process the communication between the 2 clients when they we playing against each other.

Cocalan Stock Control

Languages: Java
Databases: Oracle
Program: Eclipse, Netbeans

We created this application as part of our 2rd year project. The application was coded using Java and the GUI was designed with Swing(Java). JDBC was used for comminication between the application and the database server.


Institute of Technology Tallaght Dublin 2010-2014

Bachelor of Science – Computer Science

Year 1 GPA – 3.10

Year 2 GPA – 3.11

Year 3 GPA – 2.53

Year 4 GPA – N/A

Rosary College Crumlin 2004-2010

Leaving certificate

2 Honours and 4 Passes

My Hobbies


A big fan of music. From The Beates to Tiesto and everything in between. Learning to play the piano - takes weekly lessons.


Picked up music mixing as a hobby for fun and fell in love instantly. No better feeling that putting a big smile on someones face and making them dance their socks off!


Loves to get the camera out - and not just for a selfie! Nightlife, Nature, Sports... Cameras ready, prepare for flash.


Boards an aeroplane many times a year. Who doesn't love to get away from home? Plans to see the world. Who wouldn't want to do that?!